shutterstock_192639890Wooden floors add sophistication when it utilized in home improvement projects, since it’s a pure substance. Wood is one of the most well-known materials used in offices and homes. It’s a versatile material, as it could go well with all kinds of decorations and furnishings. After installing hardwood floors in your house, value and the appearance of your residence will also be improved. Wooden floorings are largely employed for bedrooms, family rooms and stairs where there is less chance of them becoming wet.

If you’re planning to go for wooden flooring in your house, then there are 3 chief varieties: planks, parquet floors and strips. Strips are individual sections of timber that are just 1 1/2 to 2 1/4 inch broad and these strips of wood are laid beside each other. Planks are a little wider than strips. Parquet flooring are square in shape and they are laid in a specific method to produce a geometrical pattern.

The best way to take care of wooden flooring

First of all, you need to keep your wooden floors free from water and prevent them from becoming wet or moist. You should never clean your wooden floors with damp mops because it could damage the flooring in the long run. Use of any oil waxes is to be avoided too, because it will create the floors more slippery and additionally, it will affect the appearance. If you want to earn the floor look more appealing then opt for buffing. When there is any type of spillage on the floor, then you have to wash it immediately with a sterile towel. Finally, when placing furniture on the floor, use soft vinyl slides under the racks of the furniture to avoid any type of scratch marks.

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