bona-belt-1000x1000We always aim to answer enquiries promptly and do all we can to assist and encourage our customers throughout the procedure. This is how we’ve built a large customer base that, with time, is spanning further and further afield.

When we came the Parquet flooring was older and had layers of older coatings. This was made the surface seem very dark and deteriorated. Our client felt like it was a detraction and knew the potential within it. Parquet floors are extremely popular. Their popularity has remained large; nonetheless, we’d state that it is now having a different resurgence.

The hallway didn’t have to look dim and dismal. Through the process of sanding the previous coatings off and hammering the parquet boards beneath; the floor could appear glamourous after more. A natural and hard-wearing wood finish was chosen.

Our customer’s remarks are extremely important to us. We work hard to make sure each job is completed to the highest of standards. This comes with our extensive experience and passion for what we do.

If you would like to request a quotation, please telephone us on 020 3151 1765. We will be happy to answer any questions you’ve got and will go over the floor sanding process. We look forward to supporting you.

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